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Why Outsource?
  • Outsourcing is a permanent part of the IT landscape
  • In the long-term, the winners will be the IT organizations most adept at deploying outsourcing effectively.

  • Effective deployment is:
    - Clear objectives with executive support
    - Strong governance structures
    - Integration into IT strategy and processes
    - Long-term service-level based relationships
    - Automation
Why us?
We are always open to communicate with companies and individuals who want to bring down development costs by outsourcing projects to highly skilled developers.

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Oracle to buy Siebel Systems for $5.85B

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Coming release of PeopleTools 8.5 in 2009
With the hype surrounding the future Fusion product, it was refreshing to see a live demonstration of an enhanced PeopleTools product that brings the user interface more in line with today’s Web 2.0 standards. Review the article to better understand some of the updated capabilities with Tools 8.50.
Future of Outsourcing in 2009 as Obama joins White House
Nice article related to Outsourcing got added. US president Barack is not in favor of Outsourcing so what impact will be on India? Click on link above to get more.
Code to Send Email from Oracle DB
Try this new code, by which you will be able to send Email from database itself. Check it out...

ERP White Papers
11 Criteria For Selecting The Best ERP System Replacement
An ERP system is your information backbone and reaches into all areas of your business and value-chain. Replacing it can open unlimited business opportunities. The cornerstone of this effort is finding the right partner and specialist. Your long-term business strategy will form the basis of the criteria for your selection of an ERP system replacement.
Competition Intensifies For The SMB ERP Customer
Over the next three to five years, the most dynamic and innovative growth area in enterprise applications will be users in the small and midmarket. With unique requirements that demand full capabilities without complexity, small and medium-size business (SMB) customers seek practical solutions with quick return on investment (ROI). Vendors, incumbents, and challengers alike, have responded to these demands with significant product and channel investments.
Enhancing ERP System Value
Changing markets and economies create opportunities as well as challenges for businesses around the globe. The underlying theme for all businesses today is that corporate value is driven by the bottom line, and, in the end, it is profitability that really matters.
ERP to Optimize Performance Along Two Critical Dimensions
An ERP system is an integrated packaged business software system that allows a company to Automate and integrate the majority of its business processes.
Proven Implementation Methodology Is the Determining Factor
Three primary criteria determine the probability of recognizing significant return on investment (ROI) from an ERP system. Using these criteria as guidelines during the system selection process and subsequent implementation can ensure that the chosen system will support and enable the business improvements envisioned.

CRM White Papers
17 Rules of the Road for Customer Relationship Management
When you launch a CRM implementation, your choices can impact nearly everyone in your company. That’s why we are sharing this article. These 17 “rules of the road” for CRM were collected from executives, managers, employees and consultants who shared their experiences with us.
How to avoid the Biggest Mistakes in CRM?
An estimated 65% of customer relationship management implementations fail. Here's how to increase the chances of success.
100+ Questions CRM consultants get paid to ask
A simple 6-step methodology to deliver speed and savings into your buying cycle. This article will do this by helping you better articulate & document your needs, assist you to prioritize, and get to this point in the quickest possible time with the least amount of effort.
CRM Will Not Transform Sales Productivity
Today, the ultimate answer to an organization’s sales excellence challenges is to successfully leverage technology to handle many of the sales support tasks we previously relied on high touch methods to deliver. This goal will be accomplished by first expanding the sales methodology support capabilities within a CRM technology framework.
How to Increase Sales?
For most small to mid-size businesses, revenue growth, sales effectiveness, and customer loyalty are top priorities. The people most responsible for generating revenues and fostering customer loyalty are salespeople. So, you’d expect CRM systems to be designed and implemented in such a way as to make the company’s salespeople more effective. Right? Well, not always.
Five Best Practices to Managing Customer Experiences
From creating efficient and effective processes to delivering a consistent customer experience, organizations must identify the value levers that render success for both the company and customer. This article details five Customer Experience Management best practices designed to help a company bridge the gap between “planning” and “doing.”

Project Management White Papers
10 Keys for Project Success
Projects represent a company’s attempt to establish competitive advantage and profit improvement. Successful projects separate companies from those struggling to compete. Use these ten steps as a guideline to insure project success and take your company to new heights.
Importance of Effort/Cost Estimation
On the approach for estimating a project let me say that ALWAYS your best approach and most accurate estimate of detailed effort and duration will come from estimating against the WBS.
Useful Finance Terms (NPV, ROI etc.)
Return on Investment (ROI) is particularly easy to calculate and understand when compared to other financial tools such as Net Present Value (NPV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR), and Payback Period. Although the calculations for these financial tools are more complex, the results are arguably more accurate. Nonetheless, ROI is an appropriate first step for estimating the economic return of an investment.
Project Management Mentoring Tips
Control also means enforcement. Ideally, processes should control the people performing them, not the other way around. Whether it is for adopting best practices, compliance, or simple efficiency, an ad hoc approach makes it difficult to repeat desired outcomes.
Planning and Estimating Development Projects
Learn about Planning and Scheduling Techniques: PERT, CPM Network, Gantt Chart Estimating Techniques: Sum-of-tasks, Function Point Analysis, 3xProgramming, COCOMO Measurement Techniques: Software metrics, i.e., function points, feature points, complexity metrics, cost per defect, cost per KLOC, etc.
Methodologies and planning fundamentals
The development of project management theory has been predominantly through the documentation of practical applications by people in the field. In this way, most of project management is founded on positive theory. There is very little normative theory.
Preparing a winning business case
A project lives or dies through its business case. This article combines developing business case writing skills with those of investment management to ensure business activities are evaluated and prioritised according to the economic value they are forecast to deliver.
Quantitative Risk Analysis for Project Management
The aim of the project was to survey how quantitative risk management and risk analysis methods were applied to the planning and execution of complex projects, particularly those which planned to utilize new and untried technologies.

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